Elementary Report Card Comments

If you are a middle school teacher, stop reading. Report card comments are being handled differently in grades 3 through 5 than in grades 6 through 8!

For our intermediate grade level teachers, all of the information related to comments is contained within the yellow addendum manuals that should have been distributed in the past week. Here, we summarize that information as well as provide some additional tips:

Special Area Teachers
Special area teachers do not have a dedicated location for comments on the report card. If you are a special area teacher, and you have a comment that you would like included on the report card, please pass that along to the student's homeroom teacher. We are encouraging you to pass it along electronically, so the homeroom teacher can simply copy and paste it in PowerSchool. The homeroom teachers will need to have these comments entered by 9 AM on November 26th, the Monday that students and teachers return from Thanksgiving Break, so please provide this information to homeroom teachers well in advance of Thanksgiving weekend.

General Comments
The top section of comments on page four of the intermediate report cards is reserved for general comments about the student throughout the day. This will be entered by the homeroom teacher, though the content of these comments may come from the core academic team or a special area teacher. While most web browsers now have spell-check capability, we are encouraging you to write your comments in a word processing document. They can be revised and edited in that document. Then, simply copy and paste them from the word processing document to PowerSchool Teacher. The amount of space available has been tested in this defined in terms of words and characters in the yellow addendum to the PowerSchool/PowerGrade manual.

Special Services Comments
At the bottom of page four of the report card, there is a smaller section for special services comments. These will either need to be entered by the homeroom teacher (and should then be passed along electronically--see above!) or, if the special education teacher, speech pathologist, or GATE teacher inputs these comments, this individual will need to know the teacher's user name and password in PowerSchool in order to access this field.